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Perennes Henri


Henri Pérennes was born on 11th August 1875 in Tréboul. After theological studies in Rome, he was ordained priest in 1898. Professor, then director of the large seminary in Quimper, he was subsequently priest of Tréboul in 1950, the parish where he died on 5th March 1951.

From 1927, he was director of the art and archeology diocesan bulletin, in which he published a number of parish notices, and was also vice president of the Finistère Archeological society.

The collector:

Henri Pérennès published several articles on Breton songs, mainly in the 'Annales de Bretagne', using his own collection and also that of other priests, as well as those given to him by Abbés Henri Guillerm, Besco, or Canon Jérôme Buléon.

He usually gives the source of his songs and even certain details on some of the singers: Marie-Joseph Bihannik, Jeanne Le Corré. Jeanne Le Floc'h, ...

He also left some memoirs, partly typed, stored by the Finistère departmental archives in Quimper, where he gives interesting information on the traditions of Tréboul during his childhood.


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