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Fouéré Yann


A specialist in public law with indomitable energy, Doctor of Law, Yann Fouéré born in 1910 was one of the brains behind Breton regionalism, which he helped to put back on track after the war, and was also a European Federalist. In the course of his long and productive career he was: founder of 'Ar Brezoneg er Skol' the union for the teaching of Breton, sub prefect of Morlaix, general secretary of the (CCB)'Comité Consultatif de Bretagne', founding president of the (MOB) 'Mouvement pour l'Organisation de la Bretagne', and of the bi-monthly 'L'Avenir de la Bretagne', co founder with ex presidential candidate Guy Héraud of the European Federalist Party in France, Managing Director of Cleggan Lobster Fisheries in Connemara, one of the moving spirits of the 'Bureau of Unrepresented Nations' and the 'Federal Union of European Nationalities', and in addition was author of numerous articles and books, notably 'La Bretagne écartelée (1962), the 3 volumes of his memoirs (translated into English on the - - website), and 'L'Europe aux Cent Drapeaux' (1968), translated into English as 'Towards a Federal Europe'.

He died in Saint Brieuc on 20th October 2011 at the age of 101.

His complete biography can be found on - -



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