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Cevaër Jean


His Chemical Engineering studies (ENSC from Rennes and Science degree) destined him for a career in the oil industry, before taking, on his retirement, administrative responsibility for the vocational training center of St. Nazaire from 1989 to 1996. He pursued his commitment to the Breton cause in a succession of associations, contributing at length in various positions (the Friends of Bretons in Belgium, CELIB, Radio.bro in Paris, CUAB (committee for administrative unity in Brittany) and became its president (1889-1995), ICB (Culture Institute of Brittany) and was their president for the Scientific council, ALE, POBL and was their vice president then president, IB, IDBE (Institute of Breton and European documentation), contributor to the 'Avenir de la Bretagne' and many other journals...all these activities resulting in numerous articles and conferences, not to mention the time spent in meetings and travelling! 


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